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EOP Season Suspended for Fall 2020 Season

A Message from Linda L. Tedford

I am writing to share the news that the Educational Outreach Program (EOP) of the Susquehanna Chorale will be suspended for the Fall 2020 season.

This is due to the uncertainty that surrounds the COVID-19 pandemic as it affects many aspects of our program. We are deeply concerned about the health of our singers and our conductors and accompanists. In addition, we have received news that several of our venues may be closed to us for rehearsals and performances.

It is with great sadness that I write this letter, knowing how valuable our Susquehanna Youth, Young Women’s, and Children’s Chorales are to our singers, our staff, and our community!

Please note, all EOP applications will be re-evaluated upon the resumption of the Educational Outreach Program. No fees will be collected until that time.

We all look forward to an improvement in the situation which will enable us to come together with renewed energy and enthusiasm. I hope we can unite in looking forward to that day. I encourage you to take the opportunity to reflect on our past seasons with gratitude for what we have accomplished and shared so beautifully!

Linda L. Tedford

Artistic Director, Founder and Conductor

Beautiful Thoughts that Apply to Singers of Any Age

“When children sing together, they draw a sense of power from the experience. The discipline of weekly rehearsals results in a confidence that boosts individual self-esteem, and the achievement of a polished performance gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment. The development of these character traits will serve them well all of their lives. The Susquehanna educational choirs provide a positive and nurturing environment in which all children can reach their full potential as choral singers. The Chorale setting offers students an opportunity to share creative ideas and to discover how to work effectively within a group. Most importantly, our student members share the joy of making beautiful music together! It is our hope that this experience will lead the children to enjoy a lifetime of singing. They are the future of the choral art!”

Judith Shepler, Conductor, Susquehanna Children’s Chorale and Preparatory Choir


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