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The Susquehanna Preparatory Choir, conducted by Judith A. Shepler, joined the Educational Outreach family of choirs in the spring of 2008. This beginning choral experience, offered for students in third and fourth grades, provides a comfortable and joyful way to develop the singing voice and prepare students to participate in more advanced ensembles.


Singers in the Susquehanna Preparatory Choir participate in educational rehearsals and lessons that combine learning musical skills and group singing. Activities are presented in engaging and meaningful ways, and include singing, movement, listening, and interacting with other children who share their enthusiasm for music. The students develop skills of pitch matching, tone development, breathing technique, and choral score reading as they learn to work in an extended rehearsal environment.

The Preparatory Choir meets in Hershey for one hour each week for twelve weeks beginning in January. The season culminates with a short demonstration performance. Details for the 2023 season follow:

What? Training Choir for singers in 3rd and 4th grade

Where? First United Methodist Church, Hershey, PA

When? Tuesdays, January 24 through April 11; 6:30-7:30 PM

Saturday, March 4; 9:30-10:30 AM

Tuesday, April 11, is a final rehearsal and demonstration concert for family members

(First United Methodist Church)

Cost? $130 per singer


For more information on program enrollment and the Preparatory Choir experience, contact Molly Masser at

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