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The Susquehanna Alta Voce Chorale (formerly Young Women's Chorale), conducted by Mitchell Sensenig, provides a focused rehearsal and performing opportunity for sopranos and altos in grades nine through the freshman year of college.


Like the Susquehanna Youth and Children’s Chorales, the Alta Voce Chorale was formed to complement existing school music programs, by giving talented soprano and alto singers the opportunity to rehearse and perform with other highly motivated students at an advanced level of artistic excellence. This Chorale provides a unique ensemble where students will perform selections composed specifically for treble voices. Alta Voce is latin for "high voice."

The Chorale rehearses one hour and fifteen minutes each week for ten weeks during the fall. Rehearsals focus on preparation for a Scholarship Benefit Concert, usually held in October and the annual Youth Choral Festival held in November. The program’s repertoire includes pieces from many periods of music history and encompasses a wide range of styles. Emphasis in rehearsals is on exploring fine choral literature appropriate for the adolescent female voice, developing vocal skills through sound pedagogical techniques, and fostering a lifelong appreciation for the choral art.

Singers are required to pay a membership fee. A Scholarship Fund has been established to provide financial assistance for any musician with need who has auditioned successfully.

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