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“I’ve collaborated with many choral groups over the years, and none surpasses the Susquehanna Chorale for artistry, musicality, and sheer enthusiasm for making music.”

Stuart Malina, Conductor, Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra

“Music making at this level is a rarity . . . the Susquehanna Chorale is a real treasure.”  

The late Robert Page, distinguished choral conductor


“This is emotionally unfiltered, honest music making, successful in its aim to make the audience feel, to be moved, to be part of the performance - and all this while working at an extremely high musical level.”  

Mark A. Boyle, DMA, Director of Choral and Vocal Activities, Seton Hill University


“Warm and blended. . . with wonderful nuance of phrasing and dynamics.”

Dr. Peggy Dettwiler, Director of Choral Activities, Mansfield University

“The Susquehanna Chorale, with its sensitive and talented singers and superb director who programs unique and challenging music, is a gift to Central Pennsylvania.”

Lucy Miller Murray, Founder, Market Square Concerts


"Linda Tedford elicits a remarkable blend and level of musicianship from the Chorale. The joy she displays, and the joyful response from both the choir and the audience, are very rarely found at any level of performance.”  

The late Jeffrey O’Donnell, principal oboist, Lancaster and Delaware Symphony Orchestras

“The Chorale’s beauty and perfection is unmatched. It is always an honor and privilege to hear you.”

Helen Johnstone, audience member


“What a BEAUTIFUL concert! It was simply exquisite! Thank you for transporting me to heaven once more!”

Susquehanna Chorale audience member


“For this time, you have transported me away from all of my stressors and worries, and brought me to a magical, enthralling place of peace and joy. Thank you so incredibly much for this truly transcending treat for the holidays.”

Susquehanna Chorale audience member

“It is such a joy to have the Susquehanna Chorale in our midst! We are so lucky in this community to have such rich choral music. Linda Tedford is key among the musical treasures we have in Central Pennsylvania.”

Margee Kooistra, audience member


“I always enjoy the purity of your voices, Linda’s directing (a joy to watch), and the wonderful musical selections. This concert was so many things – emotional, moving and fun. Such talents!!” 

Ellen Keosseian, audience member

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